From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Don't Panic"

I can tell you from experience that a major downfall in today's society is the "art" of panicking. Everything instantly becomes a big deal. Things are seen as the "end of the world" before the "end" is really near. Everyone I know makes mistakes. The strong, well, they are the first to admit it. The wise, well, they are the first to fix it. The weak, well, they are the first to panic. In today's society what is really an emergency. What level does something have to rise to for it to merit "panic"? In a business world clients will come and go. The intelligent will work with you to grow in a way where both relationships will prosper, but at the end of the day unfortunately some relationships will be lost. The plus side of this? New ones will flourish! Life is a continuing cycle. All that can be asked of us is to do our very best to maintain honor and integrity. It's #tuesday and you lost your job, your girl is banging some other motherfucker, and your dog ate your #louboutins? Fuck them! Fuck them all! The best part about all the bullshit is something new will come out of it! Something great! Something that will make you concentrate your attention and forget about the bullshit that lead up to this! The only thing that stands between you and a solution is the disillusion of panic. Don't let that cloud your judgement. Think clear and you will prevail. You feel me?#morninginspiration #vintageframes