From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Art of Freedom"

Art is a prime example of choices and opinions. With so many artists and so many genres it is to vague to just say "you like art". I am an art collector. I collect#banksy #kaws #murakami and others. Many people look at the painting in my house and don't understand them. The same goes for me. When I go to friends houses I do not necessarily understand there choice of art. That is the beauty of our world, freedom to choose. Our freedom in every aspect of life is very important. The freedom to choose makes us up as individuals. How much fun would life be if we all liked the same shit. It is the eclectic mix of our tastes that make us who we are. This stands true for business as well. Your personal hussle might not be everyone's "taste". That doesn't mean it sucks or will fail. Always know your niche. Do not aim to please everyone. Be respectful to everyone's opinions, but always stay true to "your taste". Purity and passion will always prevail. It's #monday and if you are looking at this pic thinking its ugly as fuck, I'm with you... BUT who the fuck are we. Someone, somewhere, thinks its sexy. Stay true to your taste. No matter what you do make it an art. Don't enforce your opinion on people. Enlighten them to your "art" and let them decide for themselves. We all have choices, and that's what makes us who we are.#morninginspiration #vintageframes