Birgit "Gitte" Lee Wearing Vintage Ultra Goliath II Sunglasses

If sophistication had a face it would look like Gitte Lee, this woman, nay this vision was la creme de la creme of the 1960's. Model, actress, entertainer, you could not go anywhere in Europe without seeing her magnificient campaigns.

With age comes grace, and the knowledge that you can do anything you see fit. Gitte Lee poses here in the iconic Vintage Ultra Goliath II Sunglasses. These oversized frames are not for the faint of heart, but a perfect example of how any frame can fit if you have the right attitude.

At the Vintage Frames Company we don't match you with frames based on looks, but based on attitude. If you carry yourself with confidence and charisma then there is really no limitation as to what you can wear. We thank Gitte Lee for being constantly being a leader in the world of fashion.

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