From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Embrace Failure"

I had a late ass night, so I apologize for the late start! As I was driving up to the#2050tour in #montreal a couple moments ago I passed what was my old#sneaker store. My particulate store was a large failure. As I closed the doors to the shop I was super bummed. For a couple of weeks after I almost felt that my business life was gone. The reality, it had only begun. To embrace failure is one of the hardest and greatest assets one can accomplish. Knowing that its time to fold, and move on is just as important to success as the drive you put into a project. For all of you who have tried and failed... You are a better person for it! There is no shame in admitting defeat. The only shame is the pain you hold. Life goes on, and you will be a better person for of having failed and moved on. It's#saturday and the amount of fucking failures I had to get me here was monumental, but only a fucking idiot would let that hold them back. You fucked up? Move one! You fucked up again? So what? Most real businessmen only succeed on the third try. Take a chance, loose a bit, I promise the win coming out of a big loss will be so great, you will wonder why the loss ever mattered in the first place. #morninginspiration #vintageframes