From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Support"

Usually, deep in the shadows or even popping it off on stage you will see me at #hiphop shows in my hometown of #montreal. Even though I get up at 5am I do my absolute best to make sure I attend to support. The success of any business is always aided with ground support. I am very careful who I cosign, but a little more easy with whom I support. I believe that everyone deserves a chance. Relationships start from the ground up. I have learned over the years to make my own decisions about people and things. I often fly against the masses, but who the fuck asked them anyways. Think back to when you were starting out. Wouldn't you of loved support from your surroundings or industry? Wouldn't it have made the journey a little easier? No matter where you are at in your life even if you have not yet achieved success or any financial gain, most of the time your presence or words are support enough. It is time we all give back to our surroundings. Karma is a bitch, and so is that dumb ass hating from the corner. It's #friday stop judging the rest of the fucking world, get up and show some fucking support for someone around you. Nobody is above or beneath you. We all have different times to shine, maybe this is your time, maybe it's not. Just put yourself in someone else's shoes, when it comes time for you to shine, wouldn't you want them to be behind you? #morninginspiration #vintageframes