From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Behind The Scene"

I get to many people telling me that what I do is easy. Everyone seems to think it is glamorous because of the elite clientele I have. Well, I hate to burst your bubble yo, but it's NOT! In every project there is a behind the scenes view. To get to the "front view" there are many tedious things that go into it. In the case of Vintage Frames Company there is SO MUCH labor that goes into every thing we do even if its selling a Deadstock product. The road from point A to point B takes time, money, intelligence, and effort. Out society is full of people who think things just happen. Even the most glamorous Rockstar life is filled with loads of activities and tedious shit to get there and maintain market share. It is time as a society we start examining the idea that things happen "behind the scenes". Choices in life should be made always aware that there may be more then just the glamour you see on the outside. Whenever possible, imagine the most insane shit happening behind the scenes. That way, when you see the reality, it won't leave you disappointed. It's #thursday and our #tbt is still our current fucking reality. Behind the scenes at VFC I mop, package, clean toilets and all that good shit. How fucking glamorous does that sound? Don't take a blind eye to what is needed to produce and maintain an outcome. If you switch your train of thought for a moment, try seeing the backend as being more interesting then the front end. Only the real view the road to get somewhere more interesting then actually getting there. #morninginspiration #vintageframes