From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Slowly But Surely"

I am constantly being asked "why don't you do this ?" and "why don't you do that ?" Let's take the example of the #vintage #chains website. It is long overdue i do agree. However, if it isn't perfect, I won't put it out. Perfection and timing is key in any successful endeavour. I would feel pretty fucking stupid if a long awaited project came out looking like shit! It is for this reason with every project I engage in I do it with pride and finesse. I want to make sure that even the pickiest of consumer is impressed with the outcome. Many people over the slow period it has taken to launch this website have attempted to grab market share. The reality is all have failed in comparison. In life certain things can't be faked; love, perfection, dedication, and history. These are all things that we have for our #fashion archive. We are who we are because we come correct. This isn't a post about the #chanel and #versace archive. It is however to make it known that sometimes if you take more time instead of rushing something the outcome and impact will be much greater. It's #tuesday and we are so fucking motivated people are looking at us like we have list our fucking minds! Slow down. Ease up. The quicker you go the more chances of you making dumb errors. If you are really a contender time doesn't matter. Make sure when you appear from the dusk people can't stop looking. #morninginspiration #vintageframes

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