From The Desk Of Dr. Shapiro: "Step by Step"

I went to see a motivational speaker when I was 16. Well, actually it was more like an officer working for the group home I was court ordered to be in. While attending this group home my goal was simple, GET THE FUCK OUTTA THERE! During a group meeting this so called "motivational" speaker was talking on the subject of change. He walked in the room and very distinctly said; "you want to know how to change? Put one foot in front of the other", dropped the mic and left the room. While the other people I was in this home with we're laughing, I was pondering. What the hell did this guy mean? Ill stop to give a brief background on my I was there. Teachers, parents, and police officers were very worried I could go 2 ways in my life: either be a very successful business man, or uni-bomber. The court ordered me to be in this place to see what another side of life was like. After a solid week of pondering this brief motivational speech, I finally figured it out. The only way to get something accomplished is to put one foot in front of the other. There is no progression without movement. While everyone was looking for grand revelations, this was the simple key to progression. Everything starts with a step in a direction. The variable is only what direction we choose. It's #sundayand if you are smart enough to be successful at illegal shit, TRUST ME you are smart enough to reign at legal shit! It all starts with a step. Metaphorically or physically everything has a starting point and a path. It is up to you to choose where that leads. If you are one of those dudes like me who could have gone either way trust me when I say it is too easy to intimidate the masses, BUT only the REAL can conquer the masses. You feel me? #morninginspiration#vintageframes