From The Desk of Dr. Shapiro: "Look Beyond The Surface"

What came first, the chicken or the egg? MAN, who the fuck cares! This ain't that type of inspirational venue. I am a real ass dude, that lives in a real ass world. I have real struggles, real progressions, and real accomplishments. I write these posts to give back my thoughts, successes, and failures to the people who have supported me in my growth. Too many people think things just happen. Everything can be looked at from a surface view, but those of you who care look deeper. Take #shrednsew for example. Some people see it as a tshirt with a pocket, others see it as a garment with precision, thought, and history. To make a tshirt you must first create a pattern. The pattern requires real skill. The drape to the fit are very important. Then sizing must be figured out. Knowing your audience is important. How do they want to wear something, NOT how would you like to wear something. Fabric must then be picked, dyed, washed, tested and all that good shit. From there the pockets must be cut with precision to insure quality control. This is the way that I look at ANYTHING in life. I want to know how it came to be. It is to easy to look at a tshirt and see just a tshirt. The ability to look beyond the surface can be the greatest asset in life. It's #friday and if you are still wondering about the chicken and the egg... Then... MAN, get the fuck outta here, you must be a surface type of dude. Never take things for face value. There is always deeper rooting then you may think. Perception is a skill that has been mastered to create. Research is a reality of how it was created. Open your eyes even if it's for one day and try to see the world in a more detailed manner. You may see things that you have never noticed or questioned before.#morninginspiration #vintageframes

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