From The Desk of Dr. Shapiro : "Emerge"

For people to compete they need time to prepare. For people to prepare they need to understand. For people to understand they need to see . Whenever I personally engage in a project I like to work in the fog. Being masked be uncertainty allows to me to properly strategize my approach. I hold my cards tight and make sure my entrance will be grand. Every single possible effort will be put into an initiative. Every downfall will be examined. I will prepare for both failure and success. The impact will be drastik. Some will get it, and some will only speculate. When I engage in something my impact will be felt. This is who I am. I stay true to how I feel things should be done. When I am ready and emerge from the fog, you will hear me coming and anticipate our arrival. Our impact will be great, and you will forever remember we were there. It's #saturday and while the rest of the world is on their down time you have a chance to smoke these fucks and take the lead. Even if you don't play poker understand you should always hold your cards tight. Never let to much show when embarking on a journey. It's is the element of surprise that will give you the lead. It is the impact of surprise that will make the impression. When you arise from the fog get ready to rock. You get one chance at emerging from the unknown. Get ready to make YOUR entrance. #morninginspiration #vintageframes