From The Desk of Dr. Shapiro : "Good Morning"

When you wake up you determine the outcome of your day. Point blank it is how you approach the world when you leave your house that will determine the outcome of your day. Positive attitudes are usually met with positive activities. If you feel negative you will attract negativity. How many of you have woken up thinking it would be a shitty day and that became your reality? When we pre-determine the outcome and fix it in our mind there is very few things that can swerve us of that path. On my morning walk this spray painted saying on the train tracks reminded me just how simple it is to be positive. The simplicity of seeing "today will be a good day" was enough to remind me that positivity is the first step to success. Everything we do can be simplified. Keep it basic yo, no reason to complicate things that don't need to be. There is enough headaches in life that can honestly be avoided by taking a breath, and saying "today will be a good day". It's #friday and while y'all are winding down, I'm turning up the volume on my motherfucking day to be extra EXTRA loud. Don't look for problems. Be aware of the potential that they could potentially arise, but always have a positive outlook. Half the battle in life is perception. If you think something will be shitty, it will be. If you perceive it's going to be awesome it will be. Be in control of your reality and if you are just a negative ass dude, stay the fuck away from me yo.#morninginspiration #vintageframes