From The Desk of Dr. Shapiro: "You Are The Company You Keep"

A high school principal once told me "you are the company you keep". I think I told him to go fuck himself! Being an ally for my friends in good or bad, I would always ride. It didn't matter wether they were right or wrong I was riding, and heavy. The same philosophy stood true to my business mentality early on. Collaborate with as many individuals, do as many projects... Who cares! Boy was I wrong. I have mentioned I learn best from trial and error, it was with error that I learned the hard way. There have been too many instances where the company I keep has damaged business relationships of mine. A good example (which thankfully I can laugh about now) was when my boy asked to come with me back stage at a Mac Miller show, and showed him a picture of his dick. As good of a friend as Mac is, that could have been the deciding factor in the termination of a friendship and business relationship. Entourages and putting people on is cool don't get me wrong, BUT at what cost? You are only as strong as your weakest link. This stands true with people around you as much as it would if you were constructing a building. A weak brick can cause your whole foundation to crumble. The same thing is true for the company you keep. Make sure you are very cautious when providing your stamp of approval. It's#thursday and if you are heading to a concert tonight make sure that live wire friend of yours deletes all the dick pics from his phone. A couple of drinks and he can be doing an IPhoto presentation for the wrong people. The point of this isn't to get you all paranoid about your crew. It is however to make you aware that there is a time and place for everything and everyone. Sometimes the wisest choice can be to separate friendship from business. Just because your homie is cool to hang with out drinking, doesn't mean he is the best choice to take to a business affair. Your personal or business "stamp of approval" is very important. Make sure that when you stamp it, it's bold, and the right choice.#morninginspiration #vintageframes