Q Worldstar In Vintage Cazal 951 Sunglasses From The Vintage Frames Company

They say great minds think a like, normally I would leave that as a simple cliche. It turns out it is quite true actually, Ben Baller just released episode 2 of his mini series and it featured none other than the big homie Q Worldstar CEO and President of Worldstar Hip Hop. In Ben's show he shows the process of making custom diamond chains for a celebrity clientele. We fux with Q all the time, and with Ben so naturally we gotta show some love. In the episode Q Worldstar is wearing our Vintage black Cazal 951 sunglasses. These frames are definition of boss, they are a shield type frame which almost masks the visage creating a sense of mystery and allure. With original acetates and a black or matte black finish this is the perfect frame for any occasion. The Vintage Cazal 952 sunglasses are definitely a rare piece that you wont see everyday, be the envy of all those around you with this unique frame. Be sure to cop yourself a pair right now at the Vintage Frames Shop before its too late.

Q Worldstar

Ben Baller