From The Desk of Dr.Shapiro: Catalysts

Sometimes you need to pause, look back, and remember when you had nothing. What was the catalyst to spark such ambition and dedication to better yourself? In my case it was my family. Beyond being driven by what couldn't be done, there was always someone whispering in my ear that it could be done. I don't really believe the cliche that behind every strong man is a strong women. I do believe that behind any strong human there is something that inspires them. What inspired me was the confidence and radiant glow of a young lady I met years back. Her drive and flair was untouchable. Being in her mere presence made me rethink where I was going, wether I was going to be with or without her in my life. In a Peter Pan type of way it is always that happy thought and possibility that makes us fly. Behind all the glam and designer dreams there is always a raw form. Sometimes we forget about what was the catalyst to our success. Even though I always talk about remembering where you are from, even I sometimes forget who was there to see me through. In my case it was the love and support of @jennfink who believed in me when not even I was as confident in my self. It's #wednesday and if you have masked your past with gold, glitter, and glamour it's time to get fucking naked, the only thing you leave this earth with is memories. Prioritize your life no matter how successful or un-successful you are. Even the loneliest of people have catalyst factors in there life. It may be easier to go on not remembering them, but just remember despite any and all ups and down on your road to success there was something that motivated you. Once accomplishing your goals it is only that much more rewarding to share in that feeling with someone or something. Never forget where you came from , but NEVER forget your catalyst. Huge Huggs and kisses to @jennfink you will always be the catalyst that sparked this ambition and I will always love you for that. #morninginspiration #vintageframes