Karen Civil Wearing A Vintage Givenchy Necklace From The Vintage Frames Company

We at the Vintage Frames Company are all about connections. We like making them, our clients are not just customers, they are friends, family and people we generally enjoy being around. Nobody more so that our girl Karen Civil. She is a heavy hitter in the rap game, anybody who is anybody is interviewed by her, her questions are poignant and interesting and she really does take show a side of the artist that is generally unseen. When we were L.A. a couple weeks ago the Givenchy necklace really caught Karen's eye. This piece is elegant and simple yet very chic. Its a perfect piece for Karen Civil and we hope that she enjoys it and cherishes until we find her another piece that suits her just as well.
Stay Tuned as our Vintage Chains Website will be dropping very shortly. Here you will be able to see and purchase all of our jewelry collection.