From The Desk of Dr. Shapiro: Digital Thuggs

I usually start my day feeling inspired and happy to rock. Today I was approached with a minor conflict early on. When something was brought to my attention that made angry not being able to deal with it face to face. In 2012 people seem to have two lives; a real one, and a digital one. Since this whole new breed of "life" a new generation of people with arrogance were bred allowing them to talk shit safely from behind a computer screen. I call them; Digital Thuggs. This grouping of people is rather interesting. Usually, they hate from a distance via txt messages or the Internet from the comfort of there own home. Few will bring themselves to do it face to face. Giant comments and statements come from dudes with the fastest processors, not the quickest wit. How does one deal with this? Well, in my case I think it's amusing. I'm a sick fuck, but that shit ain't for everyone. Some sit there and harp on the digital conflict, but the smart ones harness this hate and turn it into a positive drive. To be hated on you have to be doing something. Doing SOMETHING is better then doing NOTHING. It's #monday and we are The Vintage Frames Company not some gift basket company. When we got something to say we like to look in people's eyes and see our glare. People can always talk shit from a distance, few can deal with it face to face. Honor and integrity are always met best face to face. If you have been living a "Digital Thugg" life, there is still time to change. It might be time to turn off your digital life and join the rest of us. There is a whole world out there, it's never to late to engage in it. #morninginspiration#vintageframes