From The Desk Of Dr. Shapiro: Your Own Person

I met this dude at breakfast this morning who introduced himself as Maseap Rocky. I immediately turned the other way. My pet peeve in life is identity fraud. I have encountered so many people that ride on artists names and sayings its unreal. The most interesting thing about this world is people being individuals. Would Kanye be as artistic if there were thousands of him running the street? Would Jay-Z be as groundbreaking if everyone was like him? The answer is obvious. People of visibility are who they are most of the time because they were born that way. They recognized they had a gift, and nurtured it to growth. When people start playing on current pop culture names and using their sayings it is an immediate sign of weakness. You can see that person chose the easy way out and is looking for anything to hold on to that will make them relevant. My name is Corey Shapiro and I am the owner and founder of The Vintage Frames Company. I am a bearded maniac who generally wears a power glove and other non sense. That is who I am and have always been. As many crew affiliations as I have you will never hear me kicking their lines or gearing my name based on there's. I am an individual and proud of being one. You should choose to do the same. It's #monday and if someone tells me that "they wasn't with us shooting in the gym" today I'm going to slap the shit out of them. People may be your inspiration, they may be your idol, but realize what they are inspiring you to do. They are pushing you to be your OWN person. Nobody wants a bunch of doppelgängers running around. The fascination with that individual should be based on their accomplishment. The best thing to grasp from them is that YOU can accomplish greatness too.#morninginspiration #vintageframes