From The Desk Of Dr. Shapiro: History

My company is based on history. Not my history in the optical industry, but my distinct knowledge of fashion history. Usually we talk about the strategic approach and aggressiveness in which I storm the industry. The other aspect of our success is our research and knowledge for our product. While the medical development of eyewear was documented in full effect, the fashion history was not. This aided us in buying, selling, and keeping a competitive edge over our so called competitors. Whatever your business or idea is make sure you are the resource for knowledge. Research the shit out of what you are doing. Combined with drive and work ethic, it will always be knowledge that will put you miles ahead of your competition. It's #friday and if you are just one of those dudes who pretends To know, get the fuck outta here, this ain't the "cool guy" lounge. Without knowledge you are blind. Without research, you are guessing. Evaluate every aspect of everything you do. The extra knowledge will always prepare you for what lies ahead. Wether it's product knowledge or knowledge of your competition, he who holds the facts, is always 10 steps ahead. #morninginspiration #vintageframes