New Stock Of Vintage Cazal Frames At The Vintage Frames Company

New Stock Of Vintage Cazal Frames At The Vintage Frames Company

We at the Vintage Frames Company listen to the people. We're out on the streets listening to what the people want, because at the end of the day its the satisfaction of our customers that makes us happy. When we heard from you that you wanted more models of Cazal, we dug deep. We searched long and hard to bring you what you wanted. What was previously out of stock is now overwhelmingly accesible.

We have Cazal models that you probably never have heard of before, and we have the classics. We have colorways that'll have you leaving people in awe. We have the very rare Cazal 902 in black and white. We have the Cazal 955 in tortoise, in black and in gold. We have whatever you want and more. Now is the time right before the holidays to get on your game and get some fresh pairs of cazals.

Cazal is a brand that transcends fashion, its more of a feeling…an idea. Brought to life by arguably the best eyewear desginer ever to grace this earth, Cari Zalloni. He wanted to make frames that were thought provoking and timeless, all I can say job well done Mr. Zalloni.

Cop yourself one of his creations at the Vintage Frames Shop. SCROLL DOWN TO SEE OUR BRAND NEW STOCK OF VINTAGE CAZAL FRAMES! 

Cazal 607 1

Cazal 607 65

Cazal 616 1

Cazal 616 180

Cazal 901/5 49

Cazal 902 49

Cazal 902/1 70

Cazal 905 97

Cazal 906 302

Cazal 906 370

Cazal 955 33

Cazal 955 97

Cazal 955 302

Cazal 955 332