From the Desk of Dr. Shapiro: Business as Usual

Are there really any rules of conduct when it comes to business? Is there strict guidelines when it comes to ethics? The answer is NO. Business people come in all shape and sizes, as do there morals and approach to conduct. There is no right and wrong. If someone told you other wise they are fucked up in the game. Business ethics are and will always be the decisions you make that you are comfortable with. Other than violence, anything is fair game. In the case of Vintage Frames are whole success was based on the way we conducted ourselves. We stormed an industry run by doctors and caused such a tornado the so called "professionals" never knew what hit them. I will personally go to great length to prove a point and achieve my goals. I have gone at people trying to compete with us with such fierceness, they never knew what hit them. These are the choices that I can sleep with at night. What is ok for me, may not be comforting for others. This goes both ways. If you are waiting for people to play "fair", go get a job, you are not a leader. If you are ready to take a hammer and knock down boundaries, welcome to the game! It's #thursday so get your game face on and get ready to roll. Write your own rule book. Don't let people tell you the way they think things should be done. All that shits a waist of breath. Make your own choices, stick behind them, and hammer down walls. Only you will know how to conduct "business as usual". #morninginspiration #vintageframes