From the Desk of Dr. Shapiro: Pressure

I look at life somewhat backwards. To me success isn't only your accomplishments, it is your ability to thrive under pressure. Life is very often a winding road and it is our ability to deal with obstacles that come our way that will determine our ultimate success. People's reactions while under pressure was always one of the most interesting things to remark in life. I have seen people thrive under pressure. I have also seen people crumble. The exterior image of a person very quickly changes when pressure is on. Trust me when I say I have seen the strongest of strong crumble over the mere thought of obstacles in life. Be prepared to be prepared. Very often the ultimate edge over your competition is the art of anticipation. Be prepared to duck, jump, skip, and dodge. It's a donkey kong world out there. It's #wednesday and I'm in the hospital testing how I to react under pressure. The big joke in life was the running back that thought he was so far ahead of the rest of the team that he danced and show boated his way towards the end zone. However, before he got there, he was tackled and fumbled. You get my point? #morninginspiration #vintageframes