The one and only Vintage Ultra Goliath II Sunglasses from the Vintage Frames Company

When does a frame stop being just a frame?…when does it become something more than a sunglass? That answer can never really be answered because so few frames have actually been able to accomplish that. Most people go about their lives buying and wearing regular frames… something to block the sun from your eyes, others, though, respect frames. They KNOW the frames, and know that each piece can mean something different. If you base your style on what fits, then you are lost and may God have mercy on your soul. At the Vintage Frames Company we fit frames to your personality. Now, there are a few options that will leave you stunned and in awe, but there is one frame in particular, The Ultra Goliath II frame, that will leave you speechless.

This frame has made a name for itself being the BOSS Frame. Heavy hitters like the fictitious "Ace" Rothstein from casino and Zombie afficionado George A. Romero were never seen without this frame. Now a days, the biggest leaders in the industry are sporting them, as if they were born to. Cee-Lo Green the king of modern soul has an extensive collection ranging from precious metals to clear acetates. Security extraordinaire and TV heavy weight Chris "Big Black" Boykin also keeps the Ultra Goliath in his company.

The oversized frame takes command on any face, it creates a long lasting impression. If you are shy or dont like attention then I don't think this is the frame for you. This frame is for the "Go big or Go home" personality. If you can handle the attention and the praise then you need to get yourself a pair RIGHT FUCKIN NOW! and you can do that at The VINTAGE FRAMES SHOP

Check out the pics below: Ultra Goliath Sunglasses at their best