The Iconic Cazal 616 Sunglasses from the Vintage Frames Company

The Iconic Cazal 616 Sunglasses from the Vintage Frames Company

The Vintage Frames Company is proud to hold the title as the biggest Vintage eyewear carrier in the world. With over a quarter million pieces in our reservoir we can literally find almost anything for you. Some of these frames have flown below the radar for some time and continue to do so, others, however, have etched out a name for themselves in pop culture history. A frame that has accomplished such a feat is the Cazal 616 sunglasses. Designed by the late great Cari Zalloni some decades ago, this frame still has the appeal of the everyday sunglass fanatic. This is the unicorn of vintage frames, the one that everybody wants but is seldom seen on the streets. The Cazal 616 is featured in many colorways but the classic is the black frame with gold trim holds the crown as the original. This frame can literally change your life if you let it. People will see you with a completely different view with these frames on your face. Why not go out and get yourself a pair today. Change your life, you know you want to do it. Check out the Vintage Frames Shop for details and pricing.

Peep the pics below of some of our homies rocking these iconic frames.

Childish Gambino

Mac Miller

Q WorldStar


Rick Ross

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