From The Desk of Dr. Shapiro: Smiling Faces

Does a smile truly only represent happiness? The answer is, NO! My boy told me this story last night about him hollering at this girl. He said, she turned and smiled. He was so excited until I questioned the look of the smile. How was her lips? Did she show teeth? What was the look in her eyes? You might be saying, "Corey's a dick", but the reality is a smile isn't always positive. As a child with an aggressive nature and a Wu-Tang tongue I would often get into verbal matches of wit with un-worthy opponents. Usually these encounters were nothing but a waist of my breath. In reality I only learned later on to SMILE and walk away. Very often a smile or facial expression is more powerful then a thousand words. The truth is, If you know you're right, who the fuck cares what someone else thinks. A smile can often be just as satisfying as settling something with words or violence with a lot less energy and waisting of your time. It's #friday and I just drove by this dude who gave me the finger. It seems he still thinks we are in high school and life is a popularity contest. My current smile at him reads; I banged your girlfriend and will probably have you asking for a job at my car wash any day now! The point im trying to make is that very often we waist our valuable time on trivial bullshit. We engage with people over ego when the only personal struggle should be within. If we would stop the bullshit and forget the dramas in life we would have so much more time to work on positive things. It is the positive things that will lead to success and not the verbal and physical battles we engage in. Remember this next time you and someone else might start to get into it. That smile that saved you time in engaging in a verbal or physical battle might just be the moment that allows you to buy that car wash to have your haters work at. #morninginspiration #vintageframes