From the Desk of Dr. Shapiro: Snakes & Ladders

The misconception of success can be very easily explained by this picture. Most people perceive the journey to be a straight climb up a ladder to the top, when really it is better described as a game of snake and ladders. The goal of any progression is to take the most forward route to the top. However there are always obstacles. On your journey you will encounter snakes. On your journey you will take slides. The ability to be agile amongst these obstacles on your voyage up the ladder is what will ultimately insure your growth and success. It's #wednesday and the only thing "hump" about today should be the morning sex. If you aren't prepared to slide on your climb, think again. If you only have one direction, think again. If you aren't ready to battle snakes, think again. There is nothing easy about a climb to the top. Any obstacles can be overcome as long as you expect to engage them. It may take a couple of extra steps to succeed then you thought, but be the person that doesn't give up just because the climb isn't simply straight to the top. #morninginspiration #vintageframes