From the Desk of Dr. Shapiro: Integrity

All gloves are off. Let's talk about how success can change people. Since day one at my company I have been involved in all aspects of the daily activities. From packing boxes, to artist appointments, even down to cleaning the toilets. At Vintage Frames I like to know everything that is going on. It helps me be able to micromanage the staff and insure the constant progression. Too many people get a taste of money or success and feel they are above everyone. I'm not saying I don't enjoy the finer things in life, but there is a time and a place. It is disappointing to watch money and success change people. I think the misconception is that success and money can buy happiness. Most people would insert the famous biggie line here, but I'm going to skip that. The thing that most people forget as they become successful or get money is integrity. You cannot buy class, nor can you buy respect. For to many people success is paired with money, to me it is paired with respect. It's #tuesday and if you just copped another car and don't have a house to park it at, get the Kleenex ready because I'm talking to you. Success should equal stability. Stability should equal comfort. Comfort should equal relief. All should be met with integrity and class. The point of success isn't to make other people around you feel bad. It's about benefiting yourself and the people you hold dear. If you are trying to succeed just to be able to put people down, it is going to come around and bite you in the ass. Nothing is forever and economic climate can change with the wind. Trust me, you ain't trying to be that dick head with no house living in his Ferrari. #morninginspiration #vintageframes