Wale in the Vintage Cazal 623 sunglasses from the Vintage Frames Company

In a recent photo shoot with Vibe magazine the Maybach Music Empire rolled out all the stops. The whole crew was present and accounted for, all of whom were wearing their own styles. It's amazing how these guys from different backgrounds with different styles and different interests can come together so well and make good cohesive music. They flow off of each other almost too well, the boss Rick Ross really knows what hes doing, not only does his lyrical ability match the heaviest hitters in the game but his marketing and promotional skills vastly outweigh anybody elses.

Wale is one of the main players in MMG and his style is seriously on another level. With Cazal 623 from the Vintage Frames Company, his Moschino tee and jeans are perfectly complimented. D.C. Chillin', Maybach Chillin his names Wale and rocks Cazals.