Jeremih in Custom Vintage Diamond Emmanuel Khanh 1000 Sunglasses from the Vintage Frames Company

The Vintage Frames Company is everywhere right now. Across the USA everybody wants some custom frames from us, when we were in L.A. Jeremih hit us up for a private appointment. Our selection was top-a-top as usual, but Jeremih managed to pick a frame that stood out from all the rest. The Custom Vintage Diamond Emmanuel Khanh Sunglasses. These Frames are fiyaaah, how can something so icy be so hot right now, like hansel. Emmanuel Khanh is known for their top quality and their supreme manufacturing. Funny, Vintage Frames is known for our top quality, and for running the fuckin' game. Peep @VINTAGEFRAMES on twitter for up to minute updates and behind the scenes pictures from our private appointments.