From the Desk of Dr. Shapiro: Pancakes

A perfect example of obscure dreams and inspirations is this man right here; @drxromanelli . I got a call about 3 months back from him talking about pancakes and some type of epidemic. Having only a small idea what he was talking about I made my way to #LA to see it in person. I am right now sitting in a creative office that Drx has built around a pancake idea. The beauty of this operation is that it really has nothing to do with pancakes. Drx is one of the people that makes his obscure dreams into reality. Even if he might be the only person who can conceptually picture it, he leads a team of creative minds and brings it to fruition. This is not a post trying to plug Drx because he doesn't need it. What it is however is a prime example of someone who like myself has taken his obscure dreams and made it a reality. There is nothing in life that you can imagine that can't be accomplished with the right amount of dedication. You may need a team behind you to do it, but the right strategy can bring almost anything into this world. It's #friday and if you are thankful its the weekend there is obviously things that need some major fucking changing in your life. Take your imagination seriously. What you may not have thought was possible definitely IS! Don't worry about what other people think. It's about that time to make a play and make your obscure ass dreams into a reality. You never know what can come out of it, maybe you to one day will be sitting in your own environment based around something as insane as a fucking pancake. #morninginspiration #vintageframes