Corey Shapiro X 2 Chainz X Vintage Frames Company

2 Chainz is ridin' high off his release of his album 'Based On A Tru Story' and is currently touring and doing promotional work. 2 Chainz is like family to us, so whenever he comes to Canada we gotta go see how he's doing. This week he rocked the absolute fuck outta Toronto, I mean seriously killed it. His stage presence and aura was something to revere. In this pic Dos Necklacios is wearing some OG Vintage Versace Sunglasses, and Corey is wearing his signature POWERGLOVE. Now Dr. Shapiro and 2 Chainz are hittin' up Los Angeles to shake things up. For behind the scenes photos and general cool shit follow us @VINTAGEFRAMES on TWITTER. tweet tweet mothafugga.