From the Desk of Dr. Shapiro: Baggage

I am most often asked what I would describe as the most important thing to of aided in my current success. My response, is "failure". Failure is the most important aspect of success. The ability to fail, and move on baggage free could be the most valuable asset in life. My first two businesses were financial failures. That doesn't mean that the learning experience wasn't very successful. At the end of the endeavors I learned how to fail, smile, and move on. Too many people hold grudges and baggage towards their past failures preventing them from moving forward. Business, as well as entrepreneurial activities is purely a numbers game. If one thing doesn't work, try something else. When we get down on our selves and add baggage about past events in general the journey forward is beyond strenuous to make. Turn a past failure into a positive, it ain't some cliche it's the real deal. It's #wednesday and I am sitting in the airport lounge being stared at by people not sure wether to ask for an autograph, or avoid sitting next to me on the plane. There is not one single negative in life that can't be spun into a positive. It may take a little bit more of an open mind then your neighbor, but fuck him, who the fuck is that dude anyways. If you haven't failed, you will not know what it feels like to succeed. Most powerful business people only get their shit together after a couple of tries. Don't be fooled by media spun glory stories about them. Real successful people had there face in the dirt at some point. Never be afraid to fail and most importantly, remember the only baggage you want to carry around in life is #mcm. POW. #morninginspiration #vintageframes