From the Desk of Dr. Shapiro: Stop for a Second

I'm most often asked why I like to eat alone. No, it's not because I am cheap and don't want to pay for two. Breakfast early in the morning especially, is a time when I can properly prepare my day. Ignorance is to go into battle un-prepared. Ignorance is to continue a battle without examining previous ones. In my case as well as many other people, I need to get up beyond early to be able to have a moment of silence. A time where I can review and properly plan the day ahead. It is more then important to take sometime for yourself. Even if it is just to plan your day in silence, it will aid you to not burn out. As much as I like to see how much I can push myself, there will be a point my body rebels and I would suggest avoiding that at all costs. It's #tuesday and I'm heading to Toronto to mob out with 2 Chainz. Maybe to even embarrass him by being the first heavy bearded dude to crowd surf at his concert. In the midst of all the madness and momentum STOP for a second. You need to refuel to be able to effectively continue on your path to domination. Make sure every step you take is calculated and well thought out. There is no need to test your body eventually it will test you right back. Be fucking great today, because you know you can. By taking that extra second to plan your attack there is not a fucking thing anyone can do to stand in your way! #morninginspiration #vintageframes