From The Desk of Dr. Shapiro: Leave Your Mark


Firstly, no I didn't write this on my cup. Secondly, I am not particularly amused by the label. So why am I choosing to post this? One of the most important things that can be related to success is the ability to make people remember you. Most successful entrepreneurs meet loads of people everyday, but how many do they truly remember. In an overpopulated globalized world the ability to stand out and leave your mark is super important. Natural finesse and flair is often what separates people from the masses. The ability to be naturally and uniquely different can most often be the thing that would make you get picked in a situation over the next person. It's #friday and if this post has already made you head to your closet to put on a fucking clown suit to be different, you belong in a circus. The point of this is to realize that leaving your mark is probably the most valuable asset you can have in life. The ability to own a room and create good vibes and a presence in any situation will always open up doors. If you are too shy and feel you want to live by going unnoticed, take baby steps. When you step into a room, live like the crowd has been waiting for YOU to arrive. Nobody can better represent yourself then YOURSELF. #morninginspiration #vintageframes