From The Desk Of Dr. Shapiro: The Lotto

Its sad to say, but I legit know dudes who are waiting to win the lotto to start their lives. How many times have you heard people recite what they would do with their lotto winnings. Instead of being proactive trying to create similar "winnings" by working, they are relying on the luck of the draw. Very few things in life can be related to luck. Their may be some luck in success, but the bottom fucking line is that YOU made it happen. Some people gamble with their money by betting, playing cards, or even buying a stupid ticket once a week. I however, gamble with my intellect and business. The chances that I and others take daily are more of a reward and payout then waiting for a knock on the door from EdMcman. It's #thursday and if you have the intentions of waiting for that knock on the door you should have your fucking head examined. Clean your face, brush your teeth, put on some clean fucking underwear and GET OUT THERE! You have had the winning numbers all along, it's time to play! #morninginspiration #vintageframes