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Introducing Sydney Anna

Before visiting Mtl’s Vintage Frames office, I had some prior knowledge about the company. None of that prepared me for it! The office is no regular office, it’s a pimped-out acid trip down memory lane – think 80’s & 90’s. Everything great, ironic and trendy about those decades, none of the bad stuff. The vibes are the epitome of the word chill. All the staff looks like they deserve their own individual fan page! So much style…

I’m extremely into the idea of working for them, since visually speaking, it is a mental playground. I couldn’t be happier in this space – so creative, fluid, bright and intriguing. I think I’ll be a great fit with them! My fashion and vintage background, dating from my early teens, has potential to add a lot to the company. I’m super excited about this big time vintage endeavor!


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