From The Desk Of Dr. Shapiro: Winners

There is no second place In life. How many people can say they woke up this morning striving to be second place? I can't imagine anyone woke up and said they wanted to be good, but not as good as the next dude. In our society there are winners and losers. I apologize if some of you think differently but this is the brutal reality. Nobody remembers who came in second or third, only who won. This isn't some Charlie Sheen cliche, it is life! In order to win, we must do our best. The effort put forth into whatever subject is what will determine the outcome. If you aren't going to do your absolute best, you might as well not show up. In a competitive world you must strive to be better everyday. This is an internal fight where you must push your boundaries just as much as you push the competition. Remember that If you doubt your performance and effort, so will everyone else. It's #tuesday everyone, get ready for war! Take a look at what you did yesterday and ask yourself If there was something you could have done better. Be sure you gave 120 percent of your efforts. Today is a new day and second place is not an option.  Put on your game face, look in the mirror and show the world the unstoppable force within! #vintageframes #morninginspiration