From the Desk of Dr. Shapiro

I gotta call late last night from my boy furious that someone snaked a business deal from him. Just the day before, my other homie hit me talking about how some dude snaked his girl. Welcome to reality people. In today's age it is very rare to find respectful individuals. Lines are always crossed and almost anything can be up for grab. I'll stop myself here and point out that I too am guilty of playing dirty and this post has nothing to do with me being an angel. It is however to point out that in the world we live in you have to create your own sense of fairness. The choices you make above all must be things you are comfortable living with. What makes you comfortable might not be the same for your neighbor. Karma is real and what goes around comes around. It's #monday so get ready to rock! Examine your activities and choices and make sure you are comfortable with living with them. Good or bad stand behind them and show the world you are proud. Protect your choices and the things you hold dear at all costs, and if you see a snake, skin them and make them your shoes. Always keep it 200, 100 ain't good enough anymore! #vintageframes #morninginspiration