From the Desk of Dr. Shapiro

Whoever said rules are MADE to be broken was ignorant. Nothing was MADE to be broken, however rules CAN be broken. Nothing is really 100% in life except birth and death. I know some cats that purposely try to break rules just out of spite, once again... IGNORANT! My company does break rules, but there is a HUGE difference In breaking rules and standing for things you believe in, or questioning the norm because you really believe in something. The intelligent question things for answers, the ignorant question things for the sole purpose of questioning. To me this is the real factor that divides the strong and the weak. It's #sunday and once again the week begins. If there are things in life you feel need to be questioned, or things that need to be answered go at that full force. Stop at NOTHING and mob that shit until you accomplish your goal. Just make sure your actions and thoughts have validity. Be a pioneer not just some ignorant dick! #vintageframes #morninginspiration