From the desk of Dr. Shapiro

At the ripe age of 13 I would setup my own booth at comic conventions. I would put together a collection of products and open up shop. My prices were cheaper then the stores as I had no real overhead and at the end of the day I would discount the products so low so I wouldn't have to cary them home. By 17 I had my own clothing line. At 18 my own sneaked boutique. Not that all the endeavors were all profitable, but I tried them anyways. Coming from a not so wealthy family I always had dreams of big industry. Lucky for me, the support of my family allowed me to dream big and go hard! No matter what my age there was nothing that would stop me from dreaming big, maybe bigger then anyone could comprehend. It's #saturday and whatever time zone you are in, whatever age you are, whatever stage you are at in your life WAKE THE FUCK UP! You may have had the illest dream last night while you were sleeping, but you need to be awake to bring it to fruition. The more people that tell you that you are to young to dream so big, the more people there are that are scared of your intellect. Fuck everyone, it's your dream who the fuck are they to stand in your way! Mob the world! #vintageframes