From the Desk of Dr. Shapiro

As you all know we constantly post about a well maintained exterior. Our focus is obviously on outside esthetics but it is equally as important to maintain our inside. I as well as many of my peers are guilty of treating our bodies like shit. Most of us are concerned with the outside appearance over the inside appearance. The reality is a happy healthy interior shines through to the outside. It gives you the ability to harness your energy and mind. Without feeding the mind properly we are all nothings. It's #Friday and I am crouched in a corner at #dope on Fairfax trying to explain part of my mindset properly. Shoutout to @bougiecrew who let me borrow a dunce corner! Treat your inside core with the same love you would with your favorite possession. Care for it, treat it, and make sure it stays as new looking for as long as possible. When the body is in check the mind is sure to follow allowing new potential to your overall flow. #vintageframes