From the Desk of Dr. Shapiro

Anything in life can be related to a flower. What was once a seed, with the right nurturing will always grow and blossom. This stands true for most things in life. Everything has a beginning, middle, and end. It is the conscious decisions we make that dictate how long each of those periods will last for. The strength of the begging is what will allow for a stable growth. The middle portion can last as long as you want. Only you can decide once a desired plateau is reached. The end, is usually caused by maturity, but again, only you can decide once it is matured. It is #thursday what I consider to be the stem of the week. Decide at what stage you are at with your business and how long you would like to stay there. Only you can grow to the next level and just hope that your rose was well stemmed and allows you to continue to reach new plateaus and grow. #vintageframes