From the Desk of Dr. Shapiro: Inspiration

I'm sure y'all know what you are looking at. You may however recognize Kanye's GIANT version. The point of this isn't to call out Ye, it's to make an observation. Even the most creative minds use different things to inspire them. Inspiration can be found everywhere and in everything. No two minds are alike neither is the outcome of an inspiration. In a world that strives for innovation it is imagination that sets the direction for potential results. In my case I am inspired by obscurity. The ability to create and educate. I proudly admit when and what inspires me and pay homage to that things in general usually in a public manner. It's #tuesday and no matter where you are in the world it's time to be inspired. Find the one thing that sparks your imagination no matter what that is and ride with it and remember at the end of the day, all brilliant minds we're inspired by something. #vintageframes