From The Desk Of Dr. Shapiro: New Journeys

Today I took my own advise. Against all odds I built the courage to embark on a new journey. Not that anything is happening to Vintage Frames, I just wanted to add more shit to my plate (as if I wasn't busy enough). For years I have wanted to embark into an unknown industry that I know very little about. I believe that with passion, dedication, and honor I can accomplish anything. Once again, I will turn passion into reality. The point of this isn't advice it is to lead by example. It's #thursday and no matter how established you are this is for you. From the most powerful entrepreneur to a new businessman with a dream. Take a shot today! Lay it all on the line and try to advance in a current or new adventure. Lots of us have got comfortable in our careers. It may be time to put ourselves to the test to prove to nobody but ourselves that we can still do anything we put our minds to. Watch them try to stop us! #vintageframes