From The Desk Of Dr. Shapiro: Reservations

A brief background note. I grew up with very rich kids, and very poor kids. I would honestly say I was the only middle class one of my circle of friends. My circle of friends had two very different upbringings. The rich kids were generally bred to take over their family buisness. The poor kids, well, let's just say that wasn't the case. Me being in the middle I got to see two very different outlooks on life. While my wealthy friends were almost not concerned about accomplishing all too much because they were to go into the family business, the other group was always admiring their lives. One day I was at my buddies house and he was telling his dad how his friend had it easy because of the family business he would take it over. His father said something that would stick with me forever: "the only thing reserved for you in life, is a parking spot". No matter what background you come from, nothing is certain in life. Businesses fall off, and shit happens! It's #tuesday people. If you think success is "reserved" for you, you may want to think again. Hard work or tragedy, either one can always cancel a "reservation". If you haven't thought