From The Desk Of Dr. Shapiro: Rockstars

#throwbackthursdays a cliche amongst social networking, is a time I like to look back and reflect on my past. For me I truly believe I wouldn't know where I'm going if I didn't remember where i came from. When I was a kid I wanted so bad to be a musician, the catch was that I had NO musical talent! As I grew I dabbled in the possibility of being part of that industry with different jobs surrounding the music. After running through different ideas and possibilities and still not finding my niche I decided to create one. I know many people with similar pasts. How did we solve the problem? By creating our own niches from an idea we came up with to compliment the industry. From catering, to tour management, even eyewear styling many of us looked beyond the obvious to create a place for ourselves in an industry we wanted to participate in. It's #thursday homies, remember your past, examine your present, and plan for the future.... And don't let the lack of musical talent prevent you from being a rock star! #vintageframes