From The Desk Of Dr. Shapiro: Extended Family

One of the essential parts of growth is teamwork. Teamwork is more then just an internal company activity, it is equally as important externally. From the get go Vintage Frames built its alliances with like minded relevant enterprises. Masters of their own domains came together and pooled their resources and knowledge for the greater good of standing out amongst industry. In our case we have surrounded ourselves with companies that lead in their sectors the same way we do in ours. Even though Vintage Frames stands as a force to recon with on it's own, combined with its family of businesses it is unstoppable. Sometimes formed family could even be thicker then blood. In my case I know that I have other companies with zero invested interest that have my back as if they were invested. This applies the other way around as well. Your external network is one of the largest keys to success. It can make or break a company the same way internal structure failure can. It's #wednesday take a look at your business network and see how you can strengthen your ties. Look upon this as a way to benefit yourself as well as the extended family you hold dear. #vintageframes