From The Desk Of Dr. Shapiro: Snakes and Ladders

Let's say that success is an uphill staircase. There is a constant incline generally mixed with different plateaus. When embarking on your climb to greatness usually you will have supporters and believers. People that will walk the uphill trip with you. These are the people who will ride and die with you because they have faith, And believe in the cause. During the climb to the top naturally some people will not continue the journey. For whatever their personal reasons this is normally the natural progression of life. Once your staircase is climbed, or the desired plateau has been reached you will quickly encounter new climbers. People who may have been watching from the beginning but that weren't climbing with you initially. As attractive as they might be, or as lucrative as their offers could be always be cautious. Never forget the people who made the journey with you. Remember that they were there to discover the outcome and success, not to only enjoy the outcome of the journey. It's #thursday, take a moment to reflect and be thankful to those who walked the staircase with you! #vintageframes