From The Desk of Dr. Shapiro: Coin Slot Dreams

When I was a kid my grandfather used to tell me that the sky was the limit. Him and his friends used to joke around that one day I would figure out how to make this dollar slot machine ride actually travel to the moon! These jokes from old business men is what started my odd confidence in life. I have always been determined to do things that people think cant be done. At a young age I had very successful businesses, but at the same time I had some miserable failures. It was my ability to fail that allowed me to succeed. To not fear failure will allow you to embrace success. Many people who can, don't, just because they are afraid to fail! Well, the reality is if you don't fail you will never know if you have succeeded. It's #tuesday y'all don't be afraid to fall down of it means it will allow you to get back up and reach the sky! #vintageframes