From The Desk of Dr. Shapiro: Youth Revolt

I bumped into an old teacher of mine from high school this morning. To his surprise i was standing tall and in better shape then most of the students he had taught my year. As he looked me up and down almost confused by my prestigious attire he stared at me with a smug smirk and said "i still don't understand you", to which i replied "you never had to"!
A quick breakdown of my high school journey: In grade 10 I ended up in a private school after many different public high schools. Seeing as this school had a sliding pay scale there was a rather wide variety of social classes in attendance. As much as people didn't think the social classes were segmented they were. To me recess became a pretty great indication of what category you would fall into. As seen in the top picture, that was where all the rich kids hung out. These were the kids who had pipe dreams that life would be handed to them and that just because their parents had succeeded in life that they would too. Teachers had favoured this crowd probably because they understood them and it was easier to focus on. Then there was the more alternative kids who generally hung out half a block down in a not so hidden alley. There we would engage in activities that were less then accepted by the school and strive for things that may not have been understood by the others. We were labelled to the other crowd as an example of what not to do. Pointed at and blamed for all the issues that everyone else had when all the while we were simply trying to come into our own. Fast forward 20 years an interesting thing happened... The rich daddy's boys got drug habits, the jocks never went pro, the pretty girls got fat, BUT the alternative kids... that was a different story. Many of us had followed our dreams and succeeded. Success comes in many forms, for some of us it was personal gratification, for some it was monetary compensation, and for others it was both. The point of the story is simple; stay true to yourself. Just because your ideas aren't the same as others it doesn't mean they are wrong. Just because you may not come from a wealthy background doesn't mean you can't make it on your own. And just because someone doesn't understand you, doesn't mean that they have to! It's #Friday take a look back on the week and be proud of what you accomplished! #vintageframes