From The Desk Of Dr. Shapiro: If It Breaks, Make It Stronger

Much like a business, a tree takes many years to grow and mature. Even when you believe it is strong and rooted to the ground there are unforeseen things that can shake it's foundation. Much like a tree getting hit by lightning, the tree continues to stand strong. It may have lost a branch or some leaves, but if it truly was deep rooted, it will continue to stand tall and rebuild itself stronger in the places where it was struck. Just because your business or life might get disrupted by unexpected disasters doesn't mean it's dead. With the right dedication and nurture it will continue to grow. In many cases stronger then it was before! Never let a little disaster stunt your position or growth. Nurture the wound and make it stronger then it was before. Sometimes even the oldest of trees need to be shaken up to grow and evolve. Take some time this #thursday to re-evaluate your wounds, figure out how to make them heal and grow. #vintageframes